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UDFs in CPI mappings "All values of Queue"

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Hello all,

I'd like to move some of our UDFs from our SAP PO system to the SAP CPI. Unfortunately, we have used the option "All values of queue" in most our UDFs in the P/O system and SAP CPI is no longer supporting this option.

In SAP CPI, you just have the option "all values of context" and "single values". How to get our UDFs of the P/O with "all values of a queue" working in the SAP CPI mapping? Is there a trick?

Thank you,


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Hi Eddy

I dont think there is a way to handle it. 

There is a roadmap item about adding all values of a queue. The question is if it also is accessible in the Groovy functions. 

In the FL do you then look at the different elements and process them correctly to check for suppress,cc. Then it is a problem but if those check then there is a change you can use them anyway. 

And be sure to test the resulting mappings. 

Btw Figaf can quite quickly migate the Function Libraries to Groovy scripts. And you can soon test them separately there.