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UDF to find whether the given value is alphanumeric or not

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Hello All,

I need to write an udf to find whether the given value is alphanumeric or not.

if the value is only numeric it should return '0'.

if it is any other (it might be the combination of numeric values,alphabets and also speial characters) then it should return '1'.



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Answers (3)

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I think this is the shortest code:

if (var1.matches("\\d+")) return "0"; else return "1";

More about patterns here:

Pattern (Java Platform SE 6)

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Hi Swetha,

Please try this udf for your requirement.

String main ="0123456789";

String res = "0";

int  tmp;

for(int i=0;i<inp.length();i++)


   tmp = main.indexOf(inp.substring(i,i+1));

   if(tmp == -1)


      res = "1";




return res;



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Hello Vila,

right now i am using this code.

   //write your code here


int i = 0;

try {

i = Integer.parseInt (a);

} catch (Exception E){

return "0";


return "1";

This is working fine but if the value is beyond the Integer range then there is an issue