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udating the fields which are not present in Screen Structure in HCM forms

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I have developed an Organizational Reassignment HCM forms. In the form I have created dynamic dropdown list for Work Schedule Rule field. Whenever the user selects u201CEmployee Subgroupu201D from dropdown field, dropdown values for u201CWork Schedule Ruleu201D field populates according to value selected in u201CEmployee Subgroupu201D field.

Suppose initially Employee Subgroup was 04, now user changes it into 03. On basis of Employee Subgroup u201C03u201D dropdown values of Work Schedule Rule field populates .Now selecting a value in Work Schedule Rule and clicking on u201CCheck and Sendu201D button, an error message prompts stating that Work Schedule rule does not exists for that Employee Subgroup.

Work Schedule Rule depends on u201Cemployee subgroup grouping for work schedulesu201D (ZEITY) and Public Holiday Calendar ID (MOFID) and u201CPersonal Area Sub groupingu201D MOSID fields. These fields are not present in Screen Structure u201CHCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0007u201D, so I can not change them when employee subgroup changes.

Whenever user changes Work Schedule Rule (WSR), HCM Process validates the WSR using ZEITY, MOFID and MOSID as key but these fields do not change so validation fails.

Can you tell me in how to these fields or fields which are not present in Screen Structure in HCM forms?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I always write custom generic services for my drop-downs/help lists....MUCH more control and can make it look nicer that way without the overhead of SAP_PA as well. Additionally, for scenarios like you give, I use custom user events so that "on exit" of the drop-down, I then re-populate the dependent drop down based on that value. Works great.

Now, if you want to continue on the way you are going, you have 2 options...

1. modify the screen structure you are using to include the fields you want.

2. create a custom screen structure to use with all the fields you need. You will need to make config changes for the decoupled infotype settings to use your structure as another option for you infotype (pretty easy config).

Hope this helps.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your help . I modified the Screen Structure and it worked.

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