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UCES 6.35 SP03 patch 0 upgratdation- Biller Direct

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Hello All,

We are using UCES 6.0(sp13) in our current env and going to upgrade it to 6.35,

We have lot of customization with 6.0(SP13) and we need to upgrade it to 6.35.

I have compared the vanilla source code of both the version and found lot of difference.

Kindly let me know what would be the best way to upgrade it with my customization source code, it will be veryhelpful for me to go ahead.

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Hi Krish,

You'll note that I've adapted the tags on your question to better pinpoint its category.

I gather that you're discussing adapting your customization of the Java code in your UCES system during the upgrade. Typically, this is done in the NWDS (NetWeaver Developer Studio) tool, and with the assistance of the NWDI (NetWeaver Development Infrastructure) server component. If you don't already have an NWDI system in your landscape, you'll want to consider installing and configuring one, and then setting it in control of any of your Java systems that you customize in this way.

In NWDI you'll want to configure three or four tracks: a "vanilla" track with the SAP code for the 6.13 components that you customized; another "vanilla" track with the 6.35 versions of those same components; a track in which you load the 6.13 versions of your customizations, and then a "runtime" track which will control deployment of the final results with the upgrade to your systems.

This will allow you to load the three versions of the code into your NWDS: 6.13 original, 6.35 original, and 6.13 modified. Then you can compare between the 6.13 original and modified to obtain exactly what your customizations are, and between the 6.13 and 6.35 originals to see what SAP is delivering that is changed, and then re-apply your customizations as appropriate to the 6.35 version (and deploy to the runtime track).

I strongly recommend reading through the old blog Best Practices for NWDI: Track design for ongoing development. It's slightly dated now, but the overall concept remains valid. A list of other valuable NWDI blogs is at, and other resources at and Also have a look at the SAP Help documentation for Using the Development and Production Infrastructure.


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Thanks Matt Fraser for your detailed answer and i hope this is the answer of my question but still need to get some more clarifcation from you, yes we dont have NWDS in our landscape.

I already checked the 6.0(SP13) vanilla code with 6.35 vanilla code and i can see there are lot of code base change in the version 6.35.

I compare the code base and there are more then 1500 files have the difference, this is giving me more challenge to merge my customize code with vanilla code of 6.35.

I also compare 6.0(SP13) vanilla with my customized source which is customized above 6.0. and i can see only 400+files have difference/new files.

Here i am confused with the vanilla source of 6.0(SP13) with 6.35 as there are lot of changes in it, so i am having issue with my customized code.

Thanks in advance