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Trying to access SAP HANA DB from SAP ABAP on Cloud

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I am trying to access a few tables in HANA DB from a program in my ABAP Cloud, but am unable to access the tables in the DB. I get the following error  (Error: "CW_ACTIVITY" is not declared as a table, projection view, or database view in ABAP Dictionary or does not exist in an active version.)

I reached out to SAP for help, but as the ABAP version procured for the system is a trial version it was not of much help. Can someone kindly tell me whether it is possible to connect to ABAP(trial) cloud via HANA DB and if so how to do the same?

Thanks for the help.


Rohith Ramesh

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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It is not possible to access SAP owned tables directly from your ABAP code. 

It is only possible to access content of SAP owned tables if this content is made accessible via CDS views and if these CDS views have been released for the "use in cloud development".

You can search for such CDS views when you press Ctrl+Shift+A in ADT. Then enter the following seach string to search for API's that are released for the use in cloud development and that are CDS views and thus of type DDLS and that start for example with "I_". 

API:use_in_cloud_development type:DDLS I_