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Try to connect SECONDARY as dbacockpit@

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Dear Basis colleagues,

We are getting too many repeating messages in worklogs of Solman. So it is not possible to find useful information, when needed.

Connection tests to all listed in DBACOCKPIT databases are successful.

Any ideas where to start digging?

An example of the repeating segment is like:

B Tue Oct 21 06:12:46:117 2023
B Connect to HD2 as dbacockpit with
C Try to connect SECONDARY as dbacockpit@ on connection 2 ...
C connect property [APPLICATION = ABAP:SOL]
C connect property [APPLICATIONVERSION = 754 PL 200]
C connect property [UNICODE = 1]
C connect property [SQLMODE = SAPR3]
C connect property [VARCHARMODE = ABAP]
C connect property [PACKETSIZE = 1048576]
C connect property [COMPLETEARRAYEXECUTION = 1]
C connect property [CONNECTTIMEOUT = 30000]
C connect property [CACHEDVIEWTS = 1]
C connect to dbacockpit/@ on connection 2 ...
C -------------------------------------------------------------
C Attach to HDB : (fa/hana2sp05)
C build_branch=fa/hana2sp05
C build_weekstone=0000.00.0
C build_cloud_edition=0000.00.00
C build_time=2022-10-26 13:30:36
C database release=
C database name/instance=SYSTEMDB/00
C database host=saphd2
C database user=DBACOCKPIT
C connection id=142517
C FDA=1, FAE with FDA=1
C Cached Views=1
C deferred LOB writing=1
C input host variables=32767
C statement length=104857600
C array size=100000
C use decimal precision as length
C DBSL buffer size=1048576
C Command info=1
C -------------------------------------------------------------
C Now I'm connected to HDB
C 00: sapsoh-SOH/00, connection_id=306728, since=20231017171622, ABAP=
C 01: sapsoh-SOH/00, connection_id=349146, since=20231021055808, ABAP=
C 02: saphd2-SYSTEMDB/00, connection_id=142517, since=20231021061246, ABAP=
B Connection 1 opened (DBSL handle 2)

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Answers (1)

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Can someone of you check your Solman on Hana or S/4HANA system and see if you also have the same repeating messages?