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Troubleshooting setting does not work

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in SXMB_ADM we have the setting TRACELEVEL=1 and LOGGING=0.

But I need to check specific messages in an IDOC_TO_XML HTTP scenario.

Some data from the IDOC is mapped to an XML structure.

I tried to setup the TROUBLESHOOTING SETTINGS but it seems that the conditioned actions did not work.

I tried QUEUEID and setup the argument in two different ways:

XBTOM and XBTOM____0001 as is is shown in SXMB_MONI

In the action I set TRACELEVEL=3 and LOGGING=1.

But in SXMB_MONI I can not see any changes and I can not see the payload of the XML message in the HTTP Adapter.

Do I have to activate something???

Or is the argument for the QUEUEID wrong????

thanks for your help

Werner Magerl

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if you have IDOC - something scenario try with parameter:

USERNAME = the name of the user which is set in SM59 from ERP to XI

>Do I have to activate something???

it's activated automatically - but you can check it - button with red and green dot in the lower part of the rule creation


Michal Krawczyk

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normally I can not use the USERID, because we have a lot of IDOC scenarios

which are sent with the same USERID, but I want to check only a very specific process which goes to a HTTP adapter.

But nethertheless, I have checked with USERID.

The condition is actiavted, but nothing happens. No changes in SXMB_MONI, no more information are shown there.

Do I have to activate somehting in any other transaction maybe???

best regards


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I have figured out the problem a little bit more.

With USERID it works correctly.

I can switch on/off loggin and tracelevel for the IDOCs from our ERP system.

But as mentioned, I can not use this, because there are a lot of IDOC scenarios (with a huge amount of IDOCs), but I want to log only very specific ones, which are then sent to a HTTP adapter.

Here I thought, I can use the QUEUEID condition.

But it does not work with my values.

I use the queueid names which I can see in SXMB_MONI.

e.g. XBTOP or XBTOP___0000, but this does not work.

I my value correct????

Or do I have to use a different value?

Or is it not possible to check for an outbound queue?

best regards