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TREX - Getting error in TREX admin tool. Hostname related

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We are getting the following error in the TREX admin tool under the section 'RFC': - Another application is also using this RFC destination - manual repair required.

We get this error message whenever the server is named to the fully qualified hostname of However, as soon as the hostname is renamed to the short name of 'aix15k1', the message goes away and everything looks good.

Whenever I was getting the message and the hostname was named to the long host name, I would create a brand new RFC destination and as soon as I used this new RFC destination within my connection to another sap

system - I would get the error.

I have read SAP note number 611361. We have several other mySAP systems at our company and they are working fine with the fully qualified (long) host name but as mentioned I get the error above in TREX with the fully qualified host name.

Is there a work around or fix to the error message I am getting? Our Unix team has security concerns with us naming our server to the short host name and we would like to avoid doing this.

We are using TREX Version This TREX is running on AIX 5.3 64 bit unix and is connected to our mySAP CRM system.

Thanks !!

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Hi Dadid,

Just a wild guess....did you try using the IP address instead of the hostname?

Is hte problem solved?

Awaiting Reply.

Warm Regards,