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TRex for iviews

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We've implemented SAP EP few weeks ago.

We would like to use the TRex server to search for specific iviews among the menu of the portal (for example, I have an iview which title is "Transport date". If I search in the portal for the word "transport", I would like to see my iview in the list of answers).

We've been told it's not possible but it surprises me a lot. Does someone has done it for his/her company ?

If yes, can you explain me how.

Thanks in advance!



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This can be very well implemented in trex

for that you have to make an entry into index management services and then assign the pcd repository to it.

See this for more information

hope it helps...



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Hi Ganesh,

You can do it by creating an index for the folder where you your iviws are stored(PCD). For creating index goto system administration->sys config->knowledge management->index administration.. then u have to create a new index for that folder and start it..