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Trex configuration

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Hi Expert,


We have two different separate trex (TREX version instances installed on same host connecting to development and quality SRM systems respectivily.


Now we want to use only one trex instances to connect to both systems.

(As per installtion guide :

Connecting TREX to More Than One Application

In principle, you can connect one TREX system to more than one application.

Note the following:

● The TREX system must have appropriate dimensions so that it can process the load of all the applications.

● You must take organizational measures to ensure that the applications use separate index namespaces.)

Please advice how to proceed or feasibilty of connecting one trex now to both system.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Abhishek

You can have multiple systems (applications) connecting to one TREX, and in some cases it is ok in order to save money on hardware. In general - and especially in productive environment - I would not recommend sharing a TREX for several systems (applications).

But if you choose to do so, you should expect slower response times (note the first bullet from your installation guide), and you should remember to give your indexes ID's with system prefixes, like dev_srmdocuments, qas_srmdocuments, etc. Because you use the same TREX server, you cannot create indexes with the same ID's in both DEV and QA.

Best regards,

Martin Søgaard