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Tree table filtering with json model is not working

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Hi All,

This might seems like silly question. I am having tree table (sap.ui.table.treetable) which has been binded with JSON model.

there is already open question asked by some one else as well.

However when i apply filter , i am getting blank screen. Its not working when i apply filter.

My UI5 version 1.44.30

The sample UI code is working with sap.ui.table.table but not with tree table.

UI Code:

<t:TreeTable id="oTTbl" rows="{path:'clModel>/ContractListSet', parameters: {arrayNames:['ToItem']}}" selectionMode="MultiToggle">

Filter Code

var ofilter = new Filter([ new Filter("ContractNo", FilterOperator.EQ, "400009483") ], false); this.byId("oTTbl").getBinding("rows").filter(ofilter,"Application");

Is there any restcion on tree tabel with json model filtering...?

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