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Transports not activating objects in target system

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I first transported an InfoProvider along with its update rules from development to qa system. The return code was 8, but I saw in the qa system that the cube had been imported and successfully activated, but the update rule was inactive. I found that one of the table names defined in an update routine was incorrect.

I went back to th dev system, deleted the table name (as it was not used in any routine in the update rules), and transported the UDR alone.

This time the return code was 4, and I saw that the UDR was still inactive, and the table name still existed in the definitions in the routine.

I deleted the UDR in the qa system, and released the transport request that was prompted, and retransported the UDR again, using the last transport.

Same result.

Has it something to do with the repository cache? Where, in the dev system or qa system?

Appreicate any help.


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Answers (1)

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If you have imported Patch 18, this seem to be a problem with it. We faced the same problem, we identified the table and activated the table thru se11 and then the transport went thru fine.