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Transportation Material

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Hi All,

Please provide me the material for studying transportation,



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Did you check the rules of forum ??

Try searching first.

Rule number one: Try to find the answer first. There are tons of resources out there, show that you have tried to find the answer. A question that shows that the person is willing to try and help themselves is more likely to be answered than one which simply demands information. Tell us what you have done to try and solve the problem yourself - often we can learn from that too!

Obviously you should check SAP's online help, and if you have not looked for SAP Notes you should make the readers aware of this. Many SDNers are very helpful and will even search for SAP Notes for you if you don't have that possibility yourself, but many will assume that you have already searched for SAP Notes.

Search the forums, the articles, the blog posts and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the Wiki for your topic.

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Take a look transport tips and doc

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hope this helps.



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