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Transport target group and routes setting for 2 system landscape

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I have 2 system landscape (DEV with 2 Clients, 100 CUST and 200 TEST and PRD with productvie client 100).

Currently I have the standard TMS configuration for 2 systems (with tranport layers/routes ZDEV and SAP) .

Now I have to set up my TMS settings client specific

(Development in DEV 100 and transport to the DE 200 TEST and PRD 100).

I have created tranport target group /B-DEV/ with both target goals:

DEV 200 and PRD 100.

<b>What are the further settings for transport routes?

I assume, I have to delete the existing routes ZDEV and SAP?

what are the next steps? </b>

Thank you very much


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Hi, could you please write what are your goals, I mean what do you want to obtain. In a two systems landscape with DEV and PRD you usually have in DEV one client for testing, one used for customizing and one for users test, then from this last client you transport things to PRD.

Is this what you want?

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Ok, I have in DEV system:

Client 100 (Customizing)

Client 200 (Test) (it can be considered as replacement of QAS-system, because we only have 2 systems)

PRD system

Client 100 (Productive client)

So we would like to set up the transport management system client specific, in order to develop in DEV 100 to test in DEV 200 and to use the transports in PRD 100.

Thank you very for your help