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Transport or Deployment Problems? - You decide!!

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The bespoke iViews that I have created are deployed in the Dev Portal and run fine. These iViews have been deployed pointing at our R/3 Dev System and picking up the associated BADIs in the Dev System.

The bespoke iViews and BADIs have been transported from the Dev PCD to the QA PCD. When the iViews are viewed in the QA Portal the iView appears however, there is no data.

I have checked the data in QA R/3 and it exists directly on the user record and also when I run SE37 the BADI's exist.

Any ideas why I'm not able to see the data?

I have assigned the 'Super Administrator' role to my User and still cannot see the data?

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Hi Monkey,

do you use the same System alias in your QA system as in the Dev system?

Did you check the user mapping? You can also set an external breakpoint to check if your app calls the backend.

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I need to be able to deploy my bespoke VC iViews to the QA Portal PCD rather than Dev Portal PCD.

However, I only have the one instance of a Dev VC system.

Do I need another instance of VC pointing to my QA Portal?