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transform the long description fields ( text data types) to SAP



We are planning to migrate the data from Maximo system to S/4 HANA. we are using SAP Data services with MS SQL server staging.

We have one table called long description with text field. That field contains length of more than 30000+ characters for one field. But if I want to copy varchar or nvarchar data type I can store maximum 8000 characters. As data type is text data type so in data services it will be long. I cannot apply string functions to break the string into multiple lines with 8000 characters.

How can I break the text/long data type with multiple 8000 length varchar lines.

We have one more issues . We have data in the text field with HTML tags. I need to move the only text data without HTML tags.

If anyone face such scenario , please guide me how to proceed.

Thanks & Regards,

Venkata Ramana Paidi

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You may need to consider using python libraries (outside DS) to remove HTML tags and splitting the text before using it in DS.