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Transfer Object Option in STC02

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Hi BW Experts,

We are in the process of migrating (Remote Conversion) one FIGL flow from BW 7.3 to BW4HANA. In Tcode STC02, After giving the multi provider in the parameters, the system take to the next screen where it will show all objects (Info-area, Info object, DSO, Cube, etc). But the system automatically selects the objects (transfer Object Checkbox) which are relevent to FIGL and NON-relvent to FIGL. Can you please suggest, how to select only the FIGL and need to ignore other flow objects from STC02 Tcode. Please help.


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Hi Jalina,

The remote conversion considers different dependencies for collecting objects:

  • depending on metadata dependencies, e. g. an InfoCube is connected to an DSO via a transformation. All these dependencies are considered and therefor objects are collected.
  • depending on the physical dataflows, documented in the request information. If an object receives data from another object this is documented in the request information. Because of the fact that the request information will be converted to the new TSN, these dependencies are also considered.

Sometimes, this leads to surprises in the remote conversion scope collection 🙂

The following SAP note provides a good description of the scope collection:

SAP note 2926288 - Options to make scope smaller for remote conversion

Best Regards,