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TP error 0212

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when i make transport, i have this message i don't know what is the source of problem

thank's for your help

This is tp version 305.13.23 (release 46D) for ANY database

/usr/sap/trans/SPAIN/cofiles/K915084.D07 for transport: D07K915084: Permission denied

HALT 20090717141606

ERROR: /usr/sap/trans/SPAIN/cofiles/K915084.D07 : cant open

: Permission denied

ERROR: EXIT(16) -> process ID is: 22505

tp returncode summary:

TOOLS: Highest return code of single steps was: 16

ERRORS: Highest tp internal error was: 0212

Output from tools called by tp:

sapparam(1c): No Profile used.

This is R3trans version 6.05 (release 46D - 27.03.05 - 14:30:00).

R3trans finished (0000).

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Answers (4)

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Hi ,

I have faced same kind of issue. As the Transport has been maitained in different system, the system is not able to identify the path of the other system ,it means the Mount point sharing is not happeing.

From AL11 try to access the Domain controller system. if you cant make sure the mount point sharing has been dont properly



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Hi I am having same issue in Windows 2008/MSSQL 2008 and confirmed the followings:

*from the test system (TST) where I am trying to import AL11->DIR_TRANS I can see the cofile and data file I need to import.

*From OS level using user <sidadm> I can create and delete file on both cofile and datafile folder. Note both sidadm and *SAPServiceSID has full control on
<saptranshost>\sapmnt and all subfolder and files.

Note: the shared folder sapmnt is shared and assigned permission by using SAP_SID_GlobalAdmin which has <sidadm> and SAPServiceSID in it.

any one experince this before please share.....

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This issue I have also faced once. As we have three system landscape and DEV was our Domain Controller. I was facing this issue in QUALITY. I resolved it by adding all the SIDadm and SAPServiceSID users of all the systems of the entire landscape to the DEV's administrator group.

Please add both the users manually on the Administrator group of you Domain Controller.

Hope this helps

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usr/sap/trans/SPAIN/cofiles/K915084.D07 for transport: D07K915084: Permission denied

Clearly says problem with accessing the folder btw what is the OS/DB you have



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> /usr/sap/trans/SPAIN/cofiles/K915084.D07 for transport: D07K915084: Permission denied

> HALT 20090717141606

> ERROR: /usr/sap/trans/SPAIN/cofiles/K915084.D07 : cant open

> : Permission denied

Check permission on this file.