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Totals with more than 30 should be displayed in the report.

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I have a requirement in webi to show ID_Count with more than 30 should be displayed in the report. So for that i created a variable and applied below formula

=[ID_Count] Where ([ID_Count] > 30)

But that formula applied on to the total not to the entire report , I want to hide below all lines those sum are below 30 Please help


Suraj Kumar

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Active Contributor

You could make this easier by including a bit more background information and data.

  1. Provide column and variable names so we can make the connection to your scenario.
  2. Provide sample data in a free-hand SQL statement included directly in your question or in a dbfiddle like this.

Here is my sample data with a variable named Var ID Count defined as...

=[Value1] + [Value2] + [Value3]

The short answer is you need a filter on your table. You could do that in a variety of ways.

You could filter where the variable you created is not null. I created a variable called Var GT 30 Original to mirror yours and then filtered on that as follows...

That is it.

An alternative would be to create a variable like this...

=If([Var ID Count] > 30; 1; 0)

And then add a filter to only include the rows with value of 1.