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TLS vs. MLS: transport level security versus message level security

Hello everyone,

I've been busy configuring HTTPS and message security in my PI landscape but there are some points I'm not sure about.

What are the differences between TLS and MLS? Both say they encrypt the business document, validate the sender and receiver(TLS with client and server certificates, MLS with digital signatures using again the certificates) and offer message integrity. So why two different mechanisms for providing the same(or is it not?) functionality using the very same certificate technology?

What are the differencies between these two? Please do not provide any links as I've already read a bunch of them but still unsure, simple answers will do.



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Used when messages leave XI or bofore they come to XI

it has nothing to do with monitoring in XI


Also find some information in these links



You can use transport security for consuming and providing Web services either at HTTP transport level or at SOAP message level. To do this, you can use the standard HTTP transport security mechanisms such as HTTPS and the WS standard mechanisms to set the transport security at the higher SOAP message level.

Transport security at SOAP message level is suited to the specific security requirements for WS access, and also allows you to use the strong SOAP message transport mechanisms such as XML signatures/encryption and SecureConversation for inbound and outbound WS communication