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Timer mBean

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I am currently in the process of migrating our enterprise application from Jboss to Netweaver.

one of the components we had in our application was a <b>Timer mBean</b> which used to be deployed inside Jboss and registered as a Timer Service. We had notification Listeners to this Timer service, which when fired would trigger a transaction on the server.

<i>Do we have a similar service on Netweaver- i think i came across a 'Timeout'Service - has anyone ever used it?</i>

<i>Also,can i write my own Timer mBean and deploy it on SAp WAS? If so can anyone please point me to the steps involved in depoying an mBean.</i>

Any help is much appreciated, alternatives are welcome too.

best regards]


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Sorry for being too abstract, but according to JMX specs, Timer server must be available within every JMX implementation. So it is available with SAP WebAS too.


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Hi Valery,

absolutely agree to that - I saw that being mentioned in the spec myself - i suppose what i am really wanting to know if how would i go about deploying an mBean into SAp WAS. In Jboss we just add the mBean description to a file called Jboss-servoce.xml and thats how the mBean is deployed at startup.

I am assuming there would be a similar deployment descriptor (DTD) in SAP WAS

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Have you seen this documentation on MBeans in SAP?

Basically SAP does not have a nice .xml file for deployment so they require a servlet that declares the props and the mbean in the init() method and you deploy the ear. The app server sees it is an mbean and deploys it accordingly. You can then launch Visual Admin and expand services to see a new node "MBeans" in the services branch. I have not implemented this but I am thinking about doing for Hibernate. The Question I have is HOW TO UNDEPLOY. SAP is great about deploying but seems to fall a bit short when wanting to remove things like J2ee Lib/Interfaces and my guess is MBeans too...

Also, there is a "Migrating JBoss Apps to SAP" pdf. Here

Hope this helps. Good luck and please share your findings on this thread. There are a lot of us reading to see how this app server "really" works and any information will be helpful:

This Link is under "Popular Documents" if you go to and click on NetWeaver in the left margin. On the main page at the bottom left.



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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the suggestions, much appreciate it. funny enough i had printed out both the documents you attached links for but its something that never clicked in mind because i was still looking for a way to implement my Timer mBean. However your post has made me go back and thoroughly go through both the documents.

It seems i should be able to write my own Timer mBean and register it using a servlet. Maybe thats the only way because i haven;t been able to use the Timeout service already in SAP WAS.

I'll update this post once i have a solution, who knows may even write a weblog and score some points.

Thanks again mate.


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