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Time zone problem

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Hi Experts,

When verify the time in status, time zone is displayed and the time associated to it is wrong, the time zone of the system and user is CHILE (UTC-4), if change the time zone and left it in blank, the system and user time zone appear with value CHILEE (UTC-6) and in status the time is correct and no time zone appear, but this is not the correct time zone.

Is there any field where time zone is defined and for that reason takes value CHILEE when it is left in blank?



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Hi Jose,

Check Time zone at transaction STZAD... if the time zone is change to a different time zone than the one set in STZAD, it could be because someone set a user parameter with the incorrect time zone.. so check SU01 parameters for the user/s with problems.



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The time zones in STZAD are CHILE/CHILE (system/user) and the user has CHILE too.

The problem seems to be the operating system (AIX) time zone.

Thanks Juan.