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Theme not coming properly

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Hi Experts,

We are having Federated Portal and the custom theme XYZ is developed in Consumer Portal. The ESS/MSS iviews are linked through Remote Role Assignment from Producer portal.

The theme is not coming properly. From Mashead to Top level navigation the theme XYZ is coming correctly but when I opens the page having iviews then the iView Tray is showing the SAP Standard theme and the content in the iView is sometimes taking correct XYZ theme.

I have cleared Federated cache, navigation cache and also cookies, but still it is not coming properly.

When I view source iView then

<html><head><LINK REL=stylesheet HREF="/irj/portalapps/">

Please suggest.



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Answers (2)

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Try by re-starting the portal.



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Try by re-starting the portal.

This is rarely necessary when dealing with the SAP Portal theme.

The advice from Sushil looks more like the solution as it is common to not upload the consumer portal theme in the producer portal. Because in an FPN the producer theme will be used when the consumer theme isn't found:

[SAP Note 880482|]

"If you are using custom made themes or have modified any of the out-of-the-box themes on the consumer portal, an administrator must manually import these themes to the producer portal. "

Next source of problems with themes is when your consumer and producer are on a different version (specifically when the producer is on a higher SPS or EHP) even when the consumer theme was imported into the producer.



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Hi Deep,

Please upload the same theme in both Producer and Condumer Portal.