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The property with ID SI_FILES does not exist in the object

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We are accessing the BO reports through front End web application using WEBI. We are using BO Java SDK on the application for this purpose.

Some of our users (APAC region) has started getting the error while accessing the reports from web application. Here are the error:

com.crystaldecisions.sdk.exception.SDKException$PropertyNotFound: The property with ID SI_FILES does not exist in the object [24/01/12 13:27:39:402 GMT] 000000b6 SystemErr R at Source)

[24/01/12 13:27:39:402 GMT] 000000b6 SystemErr R at com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.infostore.internal.AbstractSendableObject.getFiles(Unknown Source)

Same report when accessed by the users from AMER or EMEA region, it is working fine. Can anyone help me what is the issue and how to resolve it?



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what version of Enterprise is this? XI 3.1, Bi 4.0? Also what version pack are you running. I am asusming that APJ and EMEA\AMER users try to hit the same web\app server\ BOE, same application and access same reports. What kind of authentication you use? Given everything else is same it's got to be security issue? Does APJ users are part of a different group in your 3rd party auth server such as LDAP or AD?

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Thank you for your response.

We are able to find the root cause of the issue. Some of the users has shortcut report on their inbox folder and hence Java SDK was throwing error while fetching the report. After deleting the shorcut report from inbox, users able to fetch all the reports from BO.

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You shouldn't have to delete the shortcuts. Is your code that queries for the object only querying by SI_NAME? It would be better to use either SI_ID or a combination of SI_NAME, SI_KIND, SI_INSTANCE, and possibly SI_PARENTID.