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Textobject on every page

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I have a question about repeating an textobject.I have a crosstab in my report which spans several pages (not only horizontal but also vertical. I use a textobject in the left upper corner of the cross tab to give some more information about the column-label.

It is no problem to repeat this textbox on every horizontal page, but it is possible to repeat it also on every vertical page?



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Answers (2)

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Some report objects, such as cross-tabs and OLAP grids, can expand horizontally over a number of pages. Crystal Reports lets you designate other report objects that don't expand horizontally, such as text objects, field objects, OLE objects, charts, maps, lines, boxes, and so on, to be repeated on each additional horizontal page that the cross-tab or OLAP grid creates. For example, if your report's page footer includes an image, a text object, and a page number, you can use the Format Editor to make Crystal Reports repeat these objects on each horizontal page.

To repeat objects on horizontal pages

Right-click the report object you want to repeat.

On the shortcut menu, click Format Field, or the appropriate format option.

Note: Formatting options are not available if the object you select is connected to the BusinessObjects Enterprise Repository. For information about modifying an object in the repository, see Modifying objects in the repository.

On the Common tab of the Format Editor, select the Repeat on Horizontal Pages check box.

For a line or a box, the Repeat on Horizontal Pages option appears on the Line or Box tab.

Click OK to save your changes.

Now, if a cross-tab or OLAP grid makes your report expand horizontally, the object you formatted is repeated on each horizontal page.


The repeated copies of a report object cannot be moved; you must move the original object to move the copies.

You can format any copy of a repeated report object, but changes you make are applied to all copies.

Report objects in a section with the Relative Positions option selected in the Section Expert cannot be repeated.

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Post Author: pabhijit

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I have a similar situation, could you tell me how you able to repeat this textbox on every horizontal page.