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Text variable for Fiscal year/period

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Hi gurus,

We are on BI 7.0 (PL 15). In G/L i am using the standard 0FISCPER text variable 0T_FPERF in the columns, which should e.g. produce the text "04.2008".

However instead it displays "4 .0800". Adding Fiscal year/period 0FISCPER to drilldown shows a correct format in the rows "APR.2008", so the problem seems to be only with the text variables.

I have checked on a reference 7.0 system where the same variable is working fine, so i assume that some fix must be available. Any hints as to what should be performed to correct this display error?

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Answers (4)

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Maybe try to achieve this by seperating year and posting period.

1. Build a new KF with 0FISCYEAR and 0FISCPER3.

2. Restrict 0FISCYEAR with value or variable (e.g. 2008)

3. Restrict 0FISCPER3 with value or variable (e.g.. 01)

4. Create Text variable for 0FISCYEAR

5. Create Text variable for 0FISCPER3

Hope it helps

Regards Tobias

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Upgrading the front end will not solve the problem. As i mentioned, logging on to a reference system with the same frontend do not have the problem.

I have tried to create custom versions of the variables, however with the same result. The SAP variable use lookup type External Characteristic Value, however choosing type Label still shows the year wrong.

The fiscal variant chosen is K4.

Any other suggestions?

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Probably you can try to create a new text variable with the same processing type as you have in standard 0FISCPER text variable and then check.Is it with replacement path?

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Hello Jamspam,

I had a similiar problem with indicators in BEX. I had an numerical indicator that displays me value in a very weird way.

My solution was to upgrade my frontend, with SAP Business Explorer patch.

Have you got the latest BEX patch (or others) on your frontend? No guarantees that will solve your case, but for me it worked