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text to varchar(max) conversion

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When replicating between ASE and MS SQLServer, is it possible to replicate a text column into a varchar(max) column and vice versa ?

I know it's not possible using the standard function strings, so if it's possible, are the function classes/strings available somewhere ?



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Hi Mark,

Sorry, I didn't mention versions because most recent versions will do.

I tested with repserver 15.7.1 SP102, ase 15.7 #4 (I don't think a higher version would make a difference).

I don't know if mapping text to varchar(max) would help (if it would be allowed, it isn't because te types are not compatible). I already have replication definitions for MSA and previous versions had problems if you have multiple replication definitions.

Conversion between text and varchar(max) is implicit in ms sql.

It should be doable with function strings, but I have no experience with creating or modifying them.

The error message is "Argument data type varchar(max) is invalid for argument 1 of textptr functi."

I believe that trying to convert text to varchar between ASE servers would result in the same error.

Best Regards,


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