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Text not getting displayed fully in SAP script

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hi All,

I am calling a perform from my SAP script. In that perform I am getting the text from FM read_text. This text is around 400 characters. I am passing that text to my SAP script.

Till this point the full text is available.

When I try to display it in the script, it is not getting displayed fully. Only around 80 characters are getting displayed.

I checked the window width which is 72 char. I tried increasing it but of no use. Even I tried reducig the font, but same number of characters are getting displayed.

Please help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The reason why entire text is not getting displayed in you SAPscript is because text symbol maximum lenght is restricted in SAPscripts i.e /:DEFINE &textsymbol& = 'XXXX'.

To over come this problem, try to split the values into different text symbol, in your sub-routine pool and display in the form.

for example..

textsymbol1 = text+0(80).

textsymbol2 = text80(80).

textsymbol3 = text+160(80) etc, and display text symbol on your script.

close the thread once your question is answered.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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In place of getting text from FM read_text, I directly called the standard text in SAP script.

Problem is solved

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Try a sample script where u will have only one window where u are trying to display 400 chars.

Test and check