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Text is overwritten when loading Text via Transformation with "no transfo"

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I have a problem with 0COMP_CODE loading text via 0COMP_CODE_TEXT.

The problem is that I want to load only Medium Text and I am

maintaining the Short Text manully.

But every time a load occurs it overwrites the data in the Short Text

even though the short text is not mapped in the transformation!



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Answers (2)

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Dear Edan,

You can write a routine in transformation to read short text from /bi0/pcomp_code table when u are loading mediam text via 0COMP_CODE_TEXT.

you need to maintain the short text before loading medium text.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Edan,

In the masterdata/texts tab of Infoobject maintenance, have you selected medium length text or short text ?

There you should be selecting medium text and then in transformation map it to medium text field.