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Text is not getting printed

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Hello Experts please solve this unsolvable problem.

I have a script for vl33 tcode.for some delivery document numbers some text is not printing. it is below the main window, in main window win we are printing materials.below that window we are having one var win . In this win we have written 3 lines, these 3 lines is written in layout and no condition is there on this. for every time it should print this text. one strange thing is that , the first line is getting printed but other 2 lines are not printed. below this window we are having another window , and this win content is printing fine.for this win we are having condition like if it is usa print in english else in other language . so please tell me what will be the problem. i debuged it but in debugging all the 3 lines are processing but they are not printing. please tell me solution it is very high priority issue.

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This could be one of the reason, window Height may not be sufficient to print all the three lines of text. Try to increase the window height or try to reduce the font size.



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YOu want to create a new text object, or simply a new standard text? If you want a new object/id, then use transaction SE75, if you simply want to have a new standard text in which you can put your text and include in your sapscript and it never changes, then use transaction SO10.

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Are you using INCLUDE statement to print this text or using Internal table fields as lines to print?

There must be space problem for printing the text due to some window overlap problem.

time being just comment the below window which you print based on condition and decrease it size and see whether this texts are printed in the window or not.

Check the windows properly in form layout for overlapping and see.

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