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hi experts,

how many types of testings are there

in my opinion there are three 1)unit testing 2) quality testing

3)regression testing .if it iscorrect

how to do this ? and

where we will do

pl revert back

thanks in advance


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<b>Unit Test</b>s are defined and performed by developers. A process consists usually of several functions. Each of this function usually consists of "sub-functions" corresponding to a single method or a group of methods (if you are developing OO-based).

Unit Tests could be described as white-box tests whereas a normal tester (which should be not identical to the developer) will test entire functions (black-box tests).

You have to have the ABAP unit implemented in the code for this to be used...pls see the link from SAP help..

<b>Regression testing</b> is basically done after a Version/Patch upgrade o ensure all the BW functionalities are working fine. Now regression testing is done in different ways in different systems.

Sandbox - All the loads are tested - both manually and thro' process chains. Since sandbox does not have much resources only a sample load is tested. New features delivered with version/patch upgrade is tested.

Dev Box - All the developments are tested here like creation of a cube, ODS, Ino-object, reports, web-templates, etc... No loads are tested here. New features delivered with version/patch upgrade are tested. Creation of a test transport request.

QA Box - All the loads are tested here fully. Since the QA box more or less has the same data/resources as Prod Box a full load test is done here.

If there is any problem faced in any of the tests they need to be resolved first befoe proceeding to the next box. Any OSS Note that is to be applied is first applied in Sandbox then Dev and then QA.

Typically each Organisation has its own set of Regression test Doc prepared. So you would need to prepare one for your needs.

You can even go through these links:

Hope this helps.

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1. Unit testing.

2. String testing

3. Integration testing

4. User acceptance testing.

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Look into:

Hope it helps,


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there can also be integration testing..