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Terms and conditions page at last without page header

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the invoice has to be printed with last page consisting of Terms&Conditions(which comprise of 1 full page) without the page header.i have put this T&C in the report footer.

I have tried 2 ways until now. both of them fail

to suppress page header with:

  1. using - OnLastRecord.
  2. PageNumber = TotalPageCount

the first does not meet the exact requirement because there are other elements after the records like totals and taxes

the second is giving the unexpected print format. with an extra blank page before the report footer

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Answers (1)

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Try this with variables:

1. Create a formula that will initialize a variable at the start of an invoice:

BooleanVar invDone := false;

Put this formula in the report header section. The final line of the formula means that it won't show anything on the report. Instead, it will just set the value of the variable.

2. Create a formula that will set the variable at the end of the invoice, before the T&C:

BooleanVar invDone := true;

Put this formula in the final data footer section before the T&C.

3. In the Suppress formula for the page header section, put this:

Booleanvar invDone

This will suppress the page header when the invDone variable is true. DO NOT check the Suppress check box!

You may have to take the "WhilePrintingRecords" line out of these to get it to work, but try it with that first.