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TCPIP RFC connection test failed between SAP Data Services & SAP BW

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Hi all,

we are trying to connect SAP Data Service to SAP BW (via TCP/IP RFC connection).

Below are the versions of system that we have:

SAP BW: 7.30

SAP Data Services: 4.2

I have tried the steps (provided by the SAP Data Services gurus) on the connection part.

however, i have failed on the connection test in SAP BW.

Below are the error message that i've got from the connection test:

LogonConnection Error
Error DetailsError when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPOCMINIT' : cmRc=2 thRc=67
Error DetailsERROR: program DS_BW_POC not registered
Error DetailsLOCATION: SAP-Gateway on host / sapgw00
Error DetailsDETAIL: TP DS_BW_POC not registered
Error DetailsCOMPONENT: SAP-Gateway
Error DetailsCOUNTER: 4719
Error DetailsMODULE: gwr3cpic.c
Error DetailsLINE: 1908
Error DetailsRETURN CODE: 679
Error DetailsSUBRC: 0
Error DetailsRELEASE: 721
Error DetailsTIME: Fri Jan 10 15:52:22 2014
Error DetailsVERSION: 2

it seems like i have missed a step in registering the program ID in SAP data services server.

do you know what's the steps required to register a program ID in SAP Data Services?

thanks in advance.



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Hi All,

i have managed to fix the issue with the RFC connection (SAP Data Services & SAP BW).

all i did was to ensure that in the SAP Data Services VM Server, the "service" file has the "SAPGW00" registered as a gateway.