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Tableview sort does not always work results in blank screen?

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Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that the tableview sort feature is totally independant. I have a single View (has one tableview) which is called from 2 different places, A and B. My tableview uses "SERVER" sort.

The sorting in A works but the sorting in B results in a blank screen.

I debugged situation B as far as I could, I reached some code in :

Main Program: SAPLSCPA

Source Code of: LSCPAU04

Line 28

which shows:

select * from tcp00a into wa                       
                 where cpcodepage = sap_codepage   
                 and   cpattrkind = 'H'            
                 order by primary key.             
  name = wa-cpattr.                                

At the return statement, the debugger disappears and the screen remains blank.

I hope someone is familiar with this problem or the purpose of the code above.

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A and B sort of had a different set of controllers.

I did not realize that the using the sort requires an explicit call to CALL_VIEW to show the page again. I thought it was all automated.

That was the problem.