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Tableview ->SET_FILTER_ROW_VALUE then cannot change value

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I have the following tableview:

        <htmlb:tableView id               = "MyTableViewID"
                         headerText       = "My Table View"
                         headerVisible    = "True"
                         design           = "alternating"
                         filter           = "SERVER"
                         sort             = "SERVER"
                         table            = "<%= my_tv_table%>"
                         iterator         = "<%= my_iterator %>" />

I am using the following to preset a filter value for a table view:

                  REQUEST      = request
                  ID           = 'MyTableViewID'
                  COLUMN_INDEX = col_index
                  VALUE        = ' '.

The table used by the tableview is filled with all possible values, and the filter is pre-filled using the above code. The displayed table correctly displays only those entries that match the pre-filled filter value.

My problem is then the user is unable to change the pre-set filter value to "refilter" the table. If you blank out the displayed filter value and press Enter, the pre-set value is just redisplayed with no change in the displayed rows.

Is there way I can pre-set the filter value AND allow the user to change or delete the filter value when the tableview is displayed?

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Hi Gregory,

In which method you are writing the code to set filter values , i think you are setting every time . so even the user changes that is overwritting with the set method values.

So set the values only for firsttime (preset values ) of table rendering then every other time you have to get the filer values and set those values.

I hope this will help you