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SYSTEM Replication

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Dear All,

i have below issue  :

suse:/usr/sap/NDB/HDB00> hdbnsutil -sr_register --remoteHost=suse1 --remoteInstance=00 --mode=async --name=SECUNDUS

adding site ...

checking for inactive nameserver ...

nameserver suse:30001 not responding.

collecting information ...

updating local ini files ...


i register without full domain as above and the two sites is pining successfully .

but when i check on system replication in hana studio :

as attached file  .

anyone help me ?

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Answers (3)

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Hi Mohammed,

As the others have hinted, there is insufficient information provided so far to really help you with this issue. Here are some things you can do to further investigate:

  1. As stated by the other repliers, you can request the current status from hdbnsutil using hdbnsutil -sr_state
  2. Furthermore, checking the hdnsutil trace files should give you some more information from the time you were setting up the replication in HANA Studio (filename format: nameserver_<hostname>
  3. Finally, the nameserver and indexserver tracefiles will also log current information about the replication.
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Please paste the output of

hdbnsutil -sr_state from two sites


Pavan Gunda

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When you launch the hdbnsutil -sr_state... on the secondary HANA instance it must have been stopped

Have you started it after that? It needs to be started for the system replication to proceed