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Sync does not give PDA a device ID?

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I am relatively new to the Mobile infrastructure (and SAP in general). I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions regarding a problem I am having.

We are using the MI 2.1 and the associated MAM application. As a mobile device we are using an O2 XDA2 Pocket PC 2003 phone edition handheld.

I am having a problem syncing the device as it no matter who I login in as on the device and attempt to sync with the device never seems to get a device id. Previously this device did have an id but it lost all settings due to being allowed to power down completely and resetting itself to the factory defaults. The device claims to have synced successfully every time.

Having reinstalled the correct versions of creme and the mobile engine client I can log on to the device with a user id. I have set up the settings correctly and tested them as per the instructions in this link.

The test results were successful. I have synced the device many many times and I cannot get a device id assigned to the device. Previous to the device resetting and losing all data and settings we had no problem getting it to sync and it recieved a deviced id with no problems.


This is the message upon syncing.

Synchronization Log

Synchronization started.

Connection set up (without proxy) to: http://ourserver/meSync/servlet/meSync?~syid=MAM&;

Successfully connected with server.

Processing of inbound data began.

Inbound data processed.


I have looked at the details of the sync using MEREP_MON in the webas and the only relevant info I seem to get is as follows

"Return code from the RFC BAPI Wrapper Call : No mobile asset management scenario exists for user <USERNAME> (R3Key : )"

I have used <USERNAME> instead of the real username here.

I have also looked at the trace file from the client on the pda.

I am confused as the user I am logging in with is not the user that is specified in the error message above. It is a user that previously worked perfectly with this device and still works fine when I test the user by running the desktop based Mobile Engine and do a sync.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice on this I would appreciate it.

Many thanks.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Do you have the correct URL for the sync gateway?

In your message, you have a typo in one URL parameters:


it should be ~sysid instead of ~syid

With message like this, the common error comes from the wrong URL.

Please check that again.


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Many thanks for spotting that one. I thought it was a typo on my part when I looked at it in the forum. I checked the device settings again and there it was! I've now managed to get a device id and sync the device. Other problems seem to be cropping up now but at least I'm over this hurdle.

Thanks again.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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The problem of not getting the device ID can be traced if u do the following:

1. Check whether the sync user exists in the middleware and the backend and use trusted systems.

2. take the url from the ME home page-> settings and type the url in IE to see the webconsole. now try to enter in giving the same user and password.

3. If problem persists. plz reinstall the ME 2.1.

Note: There are also some entries that are required in mobile engine.conf in settings directory.

plz ensure that u r putting them.