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Switching of 2LIS* DataSources from S-API to ODP DataSources

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we use the following LIS extractors in our BW system:

Purchasing (application 02):



Inventory Controlling (application 03):




The outbound queue is filled for the following queues in the

Transaction LBWQ in ECC:



The following jobs move the data from the outbound queue to BW

Delta queue maintenance (transaction RSA7):



We get the delta records of the extractors mentioned above from the BW

delta queue into SAP BW. So far this has worked well.

Now we prepare our BW system for SAP BW/4HANA readiness (we are currently using SAP BW on HANA).

To do this, we need to switch the above-mentioned DataSources to the Adapter "Extraction from the SAP system through Operational Data Provision (ODP)" in BW via the migration tool.

Currently we use the adapter "Access to SAP data through Service API (S-API)"

for the data sources mentioned above. Currently, we load the PSA tables through the InfoPackages for the above DataSources.

In the future, with BW4/HANA, we will no longer have InfoPackages and PSA tables. This means,

we load the delta data directly into aDSO via DTP.

I have the following questions:

What is the best way to migrate the above data sources on BW side (migrating the DataSources from S-API to ODP)?

Do we need to lock all users/transactions in ECC first and then empty the outbound queues MCEX02 and MCEX03 and Delta Queues.

Do we need the update mode “Direct Delta” instead of “Queued Delta” for the above applications 02 and 03 in LO: Customizing Cockpit (transaction LBWE) in ECC in the future?

We do not want to lose any delta records when migrating the above DataSources. The delta load must continue to work after the migration of the data sources and the exclusive use of DTP (without InfoPackages).

Many thanks

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