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Support Message in Service Desk locked bc. "Document is being distributed"

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Hi all,

due to some misconfiguration, I have a support message in Service Desk (transaction type is ZLFN, a copy of SLFN), which I cannot change anymore.

I get the error message "Document is being distributed - changes are not possible".

I checked the Queues according to this Thread:

But without luck - still have the error message.

Does anyone know, how to release this distribution lock?

Alternatively, I would be happy just to set the user status of this support message to Confirmed.

Anybody knows, which TX or Table to use to achieve that??



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Answers (2)

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hi jan,

the same issue was face by me some time ago, i will tell you the steps through which i overcome this issue.

1. go to SMQ2.

2. client number and queue is automatically taken by system, execute the report.

3. there you will find the list of inbound queue.

4. select the queue number for which you have problem.

5. double click on that queue, which will take you to next screen.QRFC monitor. again double click on that queue .Which will again take you to next screen, select your queue and click execute LUW.

This will release the queue.

go to your transaction in support  message, and try changing you status now in edit mode



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At least the status change is resolved, see Thread

When executing CRM_DNO_MONITOR with selection set to all not completed messages, the message is still shown. But I can live with that.

If anybody knows a hint to this too, pls. let me know.

RG, Jan