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Suggestions needed on Purchasing scenario

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Hi Experts,

I have to create a report for the pending Purchase Orders.

Now, in R/3, EKPO contains information of all the POs.

EKBE contains information of the completely and partially invoiced POs.

So, I have created 2 datasources, one from EKPO and one from EKBE.

The EKPO datasource goes to on ODS, and the EKBE datasource goes to another ods.

To calculate the pending values, eg: Pending PO Quantity, i have to subtract the PO Quantity for a particular Line Item of a PO from EKBE, from the one in EKPO.

If the value is not equal to zero, then that line item is pending.

So, for this, how do i go about using the 2 ODSs?

1. Can i create a datamart on both the ODSs and then do the required calculation?

2. Can i create an export datasource from EKPO ODS and then do the required calculation in EKBE ODS?

3. Any other suggestions?

Kindly help.

Thanx in advance

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Answers (2)

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i guess u dont have to create an infoset.

that might complicate things,

instead use data mart create an infocube abd use start routine to do ur calculations for pending PO's.

use 2 diffrent transformations for uploading data from the ods.

and use the start routine of any one to do the calculations.

actualyy u could have done this at r3 side by adding one field there only and then uploading the required data in only one ods and then create a cube on it.

this would have simplified ur work.



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You can create an Infoset with both DSO. Then you can:

- Create a CKF to get the pending quantity

- If with the CKF you cannot do it, use a virtual key figure and/or characteristic to determine if an item is pending.

Hope this helps.