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Subreports on-demand and hyperlinks doesn't work

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I have created WPF/C# application with using Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2017 SP 21. I'm displaying a report in Crystal Reports Viewer. Unfortunetly subreports on-demand and hyperlinks doesn't work. Only the hand cursor appears, but after clicking nothing happens.

For clarity my code:




reportViewer.Owner = this;
 reportViewer.ViewerCore.EnableDrillDown = true;

In older versions this worked.

I will be grateful for your help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Hi Marcin,

Ah, sorry about that, fixed it for the Winform Viewer but not for the WPF viewer.

I'll try to get this fixed in SP 22.


Case escalated to DEV for fix in SP 22:

525584 / 2017 Clicking on an Ondemand subreport or Hyperlink in the WPF viewer does nothing

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Do you know any release date? I have a serious problem at the client. Can you release quickly patch?
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No patches for CR for VS.

SP 22 will be out in December/January, no date set at this time.

Only option would be to use the Windows Form Viewer


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