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Step should not be executed in PO approval workflow..

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Hi Guys,

The PO approval workflow has a sub-workflow for the series of approval levels to be approved.

Now the very first step is "Get DeadLine Dates" where we calculate three deadline lines date to send reminders to approver on 2, 7,14th day.

Now when the deadline date has reached the flow goes to a branch where input is the workitem id... and it execute fine there..

but when the mail has been sent the user opens it to approve it... but there either the system hangs or gets stuck in the mail or it doesnot approve it ...

But when user opens the original mail... i.e. the first mail sent for approval .. he can open and approve it successfully...

Now that client wants to stop sending reminders for sometime so that meanwhile i can work on the above issue..

1)So I am confused that how will I stop this branch by executing.

2) is it that my first step "get Deadline dates " binding should be removed..

3)How will I stop sending reminders ..

Next point is: what had happened before why was the approvers not able to approve it..



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Answers (2)

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It seems that you are trying to execute a workitem from the emails that has already been executed. Please note that you cannot open a workitem that has already been completed by others. I dont think email gets deleted from Lotus Notes or outlook when you process the workitem.

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Hi Raj,

I guess this is a custom workflow. You got to give some details of how you implemented the WF and the notifications etc. before we know what is causing it.

In general it is not advisable to have a back ground step as the first step in the WF.