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Start routine vs conversion routine

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Hi Goodday to everyone,

I have a doubt what is the diff b/w the start routine and conversion routine and when we use start and converion routines where those effect in BW. Appreciate your answers



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Answers (2)

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In the start routine you can modify data packages when data loading. Conversion routine usually refers to routines bound to InfoObjects (or data elements) for conversion of internal and display format.

REgrads, Klaus

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I am not sure what you mean with conversion routine, but I think you are talking about the routines to each single object in the transfer or update rules.

The main difference between those and the start routine is that you can change the value of one infoobject only whereas you can change all in the start routine. Aditionally the single routines are processed row by row and in the start routine you have access to the complete data package.

The usage depends pretty much on your needs.

If you just have to change a few fields without lots of coding, it is mostly easier to use the single routines. If you need to change a lot of fields and may be you want to delete or add rows to the datapackage, use the start routine.

Hope this helps!