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Standard template for HR process

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Hi ,

Please help me to identify the Standard workflow templates for the following process.

1) Newhire onboard

2) Termination

3) Special payment

4) Leave of absence

5) Transfer process

Help will be rewarded.


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Answers (3)

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Thanks Group

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I hope you can search it yourself using F4 on initial screen of transaction <b>pftc_dis</b>.



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Actually, if you want to search for existing single- and multistep tasks without really knowing what you are looking for, I would recommend using transaction SWDM - the Business Workflow Explorer - or transaction SE81 to search with basis in the application hierarchy.

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Check if these are what u were looking for


Anuj Sethi

> 1) Newhire onboard

Check the package for more templates

WS 00400019 Create + send letter

WS 00400020 Create letter

> 2) Termination :

Sorry !! Can`t help u on this one !!

> 3) Special payment

Check Package: PCMP

> 4) Leave of absence

Check Pkg: PBAS

Some Templates are :

WS 00400077 Absence approval (asynchr. unlock)

WS 00400222 Approve absence (sychr.unlock)

> 5) Transfer process

WS 01200145 Transfer


> Help will be rewarded.


> Richard

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