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Standard Task TS17900100: copied to custom task and adding fields

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I 'm trying to implement HCM forms with workflow with approval process.

part of this exercise, copied standard task TS17900100 to a custom task and trying to add more fields.

[form_field name 4, Form field value 4 etc...]

but when I included this task, into workflow, I am getting only 3 fields.[Standard task having 3 field parameters].

Please suggest here

If we want to import more fields from FPM form, how we can achieve that?

my scenario is execute the FPM form in [using Webdynro screen] once we select 'SEND' trigger the workflow.

There I need to capture few fields from FPM into workflow-TS17900100.[as in Workflow standard Template -change in pay]

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I don't know about TS17900100 specifically but in order to add fields to a task you need to first add them to the object method the task is based on (enhance the object Enhancing Object Types: Inheritance and Delegation - SAP Business Workflow: Reference Documentation ... )

only then you can use them in the task.

And again, I don't know about FPM forms (kindly explain), but usually to start a workflow from a screen/form/other program I will raise an event by calling FM 'sap_wapi_create_event'. any data I want to transfer to the workflow can be added to the event container (less useful) or stored in the DB and accessed as an object attribute.

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thanks for your reply,

Here I am using class to trigger the workflow, there is no BO attached to my requirement.

since it is Infotype operation.

Please help

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Hi Durg,

Ok we've done this before and its been discussed on SCN before.  What we did on site was take the standard static class/method in TS17900100 for reading the form fields, then simply created our own custom class wrapper method that called the standard static class/method multiple times for a maximum number of fields that we wanted to read. Last time I did this we simply set it up so we could extract 15 fields at once and called the standard class/method 5 times. But you could use the same approach for any multiple of calls that you wanted.

Simple, effective and made the workflow flowchart much tidier.



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okay  Jocelyn,

Could you please share me the link for previous discussion on SDN?

my search was unsuccessful

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Hi Jocelyn,

Got you blog details. thanks for your help to all WF users!!