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SSAM2210: Adding UserStatusCode to PMMobileStatus without changing the MobileStatus

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Currently, we have a custom property set on the MyWorkOrderHeader entity which we set to "X" or "" depending on whether the user has done a certain action in the application. We would like to abandon this strategy and make use of more standard SAP code. There is a UserStatus available which coincides with the performed action, and we have already determined that reading out this UserStatus from entity PMMobileStatus is easily done, if the status is set in the backend.

However, we would like to be able to change this UserStatus if the user has performed the corresponding action. When trying to add this UserStatus(Code) and update the PMMobileStatus entity, we get a synchronisation error "MobileStatus is required". Adding a MobileStatus in Syclo with this UserStatus works, but this is not desirable.

Is there any way to circumvent this hurdle and update the UserStatusCode property of PMMobileStatus, without changing the MobileStatus property?

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