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SQL server setup check - DB collector job not enabled -- after system copy

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I did a backup/restore syscopy on SQL server 2005

i dropped the procedures and then run MSSPROCS

i see SAP_<sid>_<DB>_MSSQL_COLLECTOR in SQL server - it has run successfully and next run is in 20 mins

however in db12 when i go to configuration -> SQL server setup check i see this red message

DB collector job not enabled for <sid>

however when i go to performance- I/O operations i have values

Only thing is SQL keeps the old logical filenames it seems, can this be a problem

files are named <oldsid>data but the locations are correct

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please check the owner and the of the job in the properties of the job. It should be <sid>.

Verfiy that the first step (Steps->Edit) is running in the correct database.

The logical names can be changed. Please see my note 151603. In the step 8.7 the procedure is explained (ALTER DATABASE MODIFY FILE).



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i have checked it

the sid and the db are correct

owner is in lowercase, dB is in upper case

logical file names can be renamed even through the properties of the database just double click the files and typed the new name, SAP reflects the change, but DB alert is not removed

HERE is the strangest thing

in the oldsystem ( source ) there is no SAP_<sid>_<DB>_MSSQL_COLLECTOR running on SQL server, but htere is no alert in sql server setup check

However in sm37 i can see CCMS_COLL_DB:RSDB_DAILY job

in the target system where the alert is, this job is not present

Edited by: Dimitar Nestorov on May 15, 2009 8:47 AM