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SQL or MaxDB issue

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having "Problems" using MaxDB with bash scripts!

The Problem is the output format:

a simple select from MaxDb is giving this output:

| Columnname     |
| ---------- |
|  ?          |
1 row selected (45 msec

what i did untill now is using sed and other bash tools to get rid of these pipes, head and tail and and.... to get the result of the select which is (?) in this select statment

My Qeustion:

why is the output formated in this way in MaxDB? or what do i have to do to get result in simple format without column name and all these pipes etc.. ?

thanks alot

Edited by: slac ware on May 27, 2010 11:00 AM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can try

sqlcli -Aja -u <user,password>


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thanks markus

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