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Space between page header and table header on multiple pages

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When we have a table which spans multiple pages (with tabel header repeat), the table stucks to the page header starting from the 2nd page. There is no problem on the first page since one can define where the table starts, but on the second page and further webi makes it own decision where to put the table which seems to be right after the page header.

It tried several CSS things with e.g. margins on both header and table, but that doesn't seems to be taken into account.

I was wondering:

- why the CSS doesn't seem to work here

- how to prevent sticking the table to the page header



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I read all the solutions but none of them worked for me.  In my case, I simply had a table that followed the page header and on page 2 and afterward it was butting up as described.  My solution was to insert another row in the table just above the existing table header.  I sized the height to .05 and removed any relative vertical positioning.  I then made sure that there were no undesired borders in all that rows cells.  This works beautifully, is easy, and is a primary solution to providing spacing between the header and subsequent tables or as an alternative to relative spacing.