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Some questions about SAP HANA Multitenant Database Containers (MDC) on trial landscape

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Hi Experts,

i have some questions about the Multitenant Database Containers on trial landscape.

when i create a new tenant database on trial landscape, as it is described here what are i creating? A whole MDC or only a single tenant database inside a MDC?

And how can i use a MDC with a multitenant Java application on HCP?

I want to do following scenario:

Is this scenario possible? I have 1 Multitenant-Java-Applicaiton in the HCP and 1 MDC with multiple Tenant-DBs.

Is it possible to bind a MDC to a Java application and access the different Tenant-DBs from the java application? Or is it only possible to bind on Tenant-DB of a MDC to a java application?

Thanks for help,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Christoph,

for trial landscape, you can only create one tenant database on a shared HANA MDC system per HCP trial account. This is a limitation of the trial landscape.

For productive landscapes, you are able to create arbitrary number of tenant databases on a productive HANA MDC system dedicated to your account (i.e. as many tenant DBs as a HANA system of certain memory size can handle).

It is also possible to bind a Java application to different tenant DBs on the same HANA MDC system via different data sources. It is a m-to-n relationship as you can also bind multiple Java apps to the same tenant database.

Best regards,

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